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If you like our speed, try our slides
Fisherman’s Bay Activities and services
New for 2022: Boomerang

Want to experience a rapid back-and-forth slide? Back and forth, thanks to the double-descent effect of this new water slide composed of an impressive, steep double wall, 15 meters high.

Boomerang is allowed from 120 cm (accompanied by a person taller than 140 cm). Maximum weight 100 kg. Slide to be ridden in pairs.


It is the highest slide of the Park with its 15 meters of height. Whizz down 150 meters on a two-seater raft among curves, reflections and colors in a double whirlwind of fun!

Vortex is allowed from 120 cm height and above. Maximum weight 100 kg. Slide to be ridden in pairs.


Suitable for the bravest spirits, Lost River is a long journey to be made clinging to a dinghy alone or in a group.

Sudden curves and rushing rapids follow one another all along the way, among the fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, in a crescendo of increasingly strong tones, until it ends with a spectacular dive into the final bay.

The splashes of water and the very accentuated and very fast curves give the feeling of being in the most impetuous rapids at the discovery of a mysterious and unexplored territory.


Are you ready to take on an exciting ride inside a tube of ice and snow?

Then do the Blu Tube, an ice slide with an exciting final drop which goes under the arch inhabited by Fred the Penguin and the goofy snowman.


The name of this ride is fitting as it delivers a shot of pure adrenalin.

A 30 metre drop with a 20% incline, abruptly interrupted by a bump that makes you hold your breath.

Then the dive continues and ends with a spectacular finish in the pool below.


Aquafollie recommends two different versions of the water slide: Tobogan and Anaconda make up one of the most entertaining and surprising attractions of the water park thanks to the hairpin turns and water spurts which accompany you until you reach the grand splash pool finale.


With its enormous bumps, our Pista Blandas or “Foam” ride is the fastest slide in the whole of Europe and it is one-of-a-kind.

Experience the thrill of sliding at breakneck speed on a water cushion and jumping from one bump to the next before aquaplaning onto the pool of water.

You can also race against your friend as there are four lanes available.