Blu Tube

Are you ready for an exciting 150 meters journey pushing you to a crazy funny ending? If so, let’s get involved with our brand new Blue Tube water slide! Once down, then, have fun picturing your friends’ arrivals to post […]


Aquafollie offers two different versions of the toboga slide: a fast one and long one. They are one of the most amusing and surprising attractions of the water park thanks to thrilling parabolic curves. They are suitable for anyone seeking […]

Soft Track

Aquafollie enables his customers to enjoy a slide without parallel. In fact, our Foam, with its huge humps, is the fastest slide of its kind in Europe. It is surely one of the most exciting summer attractions. You can feel […]


This attraction is also called “perfect storm” because it is pure adrenaline. You plunge down a slide 30 metres long with a 20% slope then a hump will take your breath. In the end you dive into water. The jets […]

Fire Slide

It’s the strangest slide of the park. It seems like the one that firemen use during rescue operations. It consists of an elastic tarpaulin which is made even more slippery by a film of water. You will go down hand […]

Crazy River

The crazy river is suitable for most courageous people. You ride along the course of the river grabbing the rubber dinghy by yourself or in a group. Sudden curves and rushing rapids follow one another along the way, which becomes […]