Fisherman’s Bay

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We are talking about the new 2017 attraction – we have invested a great deal to make it special for you. This is the new themed wave pool at Fisherman’s Bay.

The harbour and the lighthouse look out on the bay, build from scratch by skilled craftsmen. You will be able to recognize Fisherman’s Bay from the house surmounted by a tower more than 10 metres high, which will host the central animation console of the Lighthouse.

The miniclub, too, is going to be situated at the Boathouse. While in the Fisherman’s Cottage you will able to try the tasty snacks of fried fish and chips: the new food point is going to be dedicated to the Fish N’ Chips. Authentic harbour food!

Fisherman’s Bay is the natural habitat for the Aquafollie mascots: Fuffy the seal. Fuffy will take part in some animation activities throughout the day.

See you soon!