About Us

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Founded in 1990, Aquafollie – Waterpark has become one of the principal tourist complexes of the town of Caorle. Since 2017 it has officially become a family-friendly water park.

Aquafollie is located close to the historic centre of Caorle. Season after season, our management creates growth and development policies for the attractions and offers, to guarantee entertainment and a comfortable experience, always, for our guests. In 2017 the Aquafollie offer now includes Fisherman’s Bay, the new themed attraction of the park.

Aquafollie – Waterpark is a division of Acquafollie Srl, a company that has been working for more than 20 years in the amusement sector because it has been created by persons committed with the world of entertainment.

Our vision

Aquafollie – Waterpark works in the amusement field offering structures, expertise and creativity to the entertainment of the guests. We believe:

  1. The free time is the most precious thing that every person has
  2. Every person has the right to spend his free time at the best
  3. Our services and facilities must transform into emotions to the guests.

To reach this result there must be mandatory guideline values:

  • put your heart into your work
  • morality and ethics in relationships
  • mutual respect

Our mission

Aquafollie – Waterpark wants to translate expertise, ideas, creativity and investments into emotions, quality entertainment, safety and cheerfulness for the guests! Aquafollie intends to take a leading role, becoming a point of reference in the entertainment market, not only at the local level.