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Cerchiamo personale per lo staff Aquafollie 2017.
Assistenza bagnanti con brevetto, baristi, animatori e receptionist.
Inviate curriculum con foto via email o fax, richiesta conoscenza lingua inglese e/o tedesco.
Contattaci tel.: 042181423, fax: 042183210, email:


Slides and attractions!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for relax or adventure! A slalom between parabolic curves or a jump in free fall along our  30 meters “Kamikaze”, each waterslide in the park will give you a unique and exciting experience: from the quietest ones, to the more daring, in our Park, you’ll be spoiled for choice!


Entertainment and activity!

Play, dance and train your body with a complete exciting entertainment program! And for your children, creative workshops to stimulate their imagination together with our trained animators always ready to make them smile and have fun with new friends!



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